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21st August 2014 - Tag League Association announces new Engadine Competition

The Tag League Association today announced the establishment of a new competition at Engadine, to the south of Sydney. This competition further extends geographical access for players, Helmut Fleig, President of the Tag League Association said. One of the key issues we face is the availability of competitions that are convenient for players to access. We often get calls about where people can play, and its disappointing when we have to say we have nothing available in their area. Engadine is the first of a series of new competitions being launched for Spring 2014. Further announcements will be made in the next few weeks as we finalise arrangements with councils regarding grounds access as well as with new competition managers. We are excited with the new developments, with more to follow. The new Engadine Tag League Competition site can be found at:

19th June 2014 - Tag League Association changes to new Logo

The Tag League Association today launched its new logo design. The new design was prompted by feedback from the NRL that it held concerns that the original Tag League logo launched in April 2013 was uncomfortably similar to its own. Whilst the Tag league Association did not share that belief, we felt it prudent to make a change to avoid any issues, Helmut Fleig, Tag League Association President said. We launched a private design competition which yielded 3 quality candidates, from which the new design was selected. The design concept holds some significance, with the two vertical bars representing the Tags, with two arcs connected to the top and bottom forming the ball. This is laid on a green back ground with 8 vertical bars representing a team advancing the ball down the field. This is framed by a gold border forming a shield, with the Tag League title placed at the top in a futuristic font. Overall the design is contemporary and embodies the vision of Tag League to be the game of choice for people wanting to play social Rugby League.

1st September 2013 - Tag League Association announces new Parramatta Competition

The Tag League Association today announced plans for a new competition in the Parramatta area of Western Sydney. Two separate grounds have been secured in different parts of the area North of Parramatta to cope with the expected demand. "We have had many people travel in from the North Rocks and Winston Hills areas to our hugely successful Castle Hill competition", Helmut Fleig said. The Tag League Association has secured access to Hazel Ryan Oval which is just to the North of Parramatta, as well as Kingsdene Oval in Carlingford on the north eastern side. Kingsdene Oval is minutes away from the King's School and Tara Anglican School for Girls. "We are really looking forward to the prospect of being able to offer some of our existing teams convenient options closer to home, as well as to welcoming new participants". Registration nights for the new competitions will be on Monday 30th September at Kingsdene Oval & Tuesday 8th October at Hazel Ryan Oval.